Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sometimes, You Just Don't Know What To Say...But Then Again...

Sometimes, I'm just dying to write, but don't know what I have to say. Sometimes I’m just not sure. But, today, I just want to reiterate my desire to help folks see that - no matter what they’ve heard, thought, or been taught - God is NOT a judgmental, rules-based, “so holy He can’t deal with your sin” kind of God. God is LOVE. Says so right there in the Bible. I’m talking about that same Bible that so many have used to place guilt, pressure, and judgment on others. I should know, I’ve been that person before!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

How's Your View?

Lately, I've really been noticing a change at my church, and in the broader Christian community. For a while, I thought it was only me, and my ever-developing attitude about legalism and rules. But, more and more, I'm finding a clear distinction between those who talk about their faith in terms of Godliness, Scripture study, memorization, etc. and those who's walk is just as real, but a little harder to see. While the activities of the former are good things, the "Great Commission" (as it's known) stated one simple thing... MAKE DISCIPLES. There are more words in the verse in Matthew 28, but the COMMAND is clear. I submit that the latter group of Believers may have the real deal figured out.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Are All Paths To Relationship Recovery The Same?

I spoke at length with a friend today who shares some common struggles with me. However, it was interesting to listen to how the ROOTS of his issues were based in some totally different places than mine had been. While I was previously a passive, afraid-to-make-a-mistake husband and leader, my friend talked about how he had been a controlling, directive, overbearing leader. The thing we shared was that our shortcomings and struggles had threatened our marriages. I didn't get on a path to doing things right in time to save mine. He did. "So what?" you ask?